SCOTLAND - 1515 


By the light of flaming torches, an evil underground initiation ritual is taking place... 

An inhuman scream is heard.






500 hundred years later...

At first glance, SARA MAE appears to have it all:

a successful career as a model, an intense relationship with NOAM, an underground musician, the fierce devotion of her dearest friend MEGAN, and the loving guidance of her foster grandfather and martial arts coach SANG-JUN.


But Sara is kept awake at night by vivid nightmares and something inside of her is straining to get out ; an unexplainable blood lust which grows more powerful each day. To try and explain these mysterious urges, Sara begins a quest to discover the origins of her birth parents, both of whom died when she was an infant in Seoul, Korea.


At the same time, seemingly by coincidence, Sara meets JULIAN VON RUTHVEN and his dazzling wife ALEXA, members of the undead. Not knowing their real nature, Sara invites the charming unholy couple to her 28th birthday party she is having in the loft she shares with Noam and Megan.  At the party, the powerfully attractive couple begins to exert a hypnotic influence over our three hosts.


Through her research, Sara discovers her lineage and why she was adopted. EDWARD STARK, her grand father was an occultist whose writings included the discovery of an engraved amulet related to a medieval cult by the name of “Knights of the Black Sun”.


The atmosphere of danger grows stronger as Sara makes a horrifying connection: Julian and Alexa ARE the two figures from her nightmare and closely related to her through their common bloodline.


With the help of the ancient amulet, and her adoptive grand father, Sara defeats the vampires and is set free from her family’s curse.



a Vampire Tale

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