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2022 - Post COVID-21

Brussels, Europe’s capital.


Things are rough. Keeping a job has become an actual privilege.


RACHEL DE-JAEGER (28) was just hired at a rising start-up, and its new Agency in the heart of Brussels: 

Virtually Yours Inc.


Adapted to anyone's budget, it offers people personalized virtual trips where they can believe that they are the person they've always dreamed to be and escape their reality. 


Rachel quickly connects with MATHIS DUBOIS (45) and JANE LAMBERT (40), two veteran V.Y. employees.

She soon becomes  - much like her mentors - a merchant of dreams to unsuspecting clients through the company's privately owned algorithm. 


It's all good, until one of Jane’s clients, a nurse, commits suicide.

2022 - Post COVID-21

Bruxelles, Capitale de l'Europe

Rien ne va plus et garder son travail est devenu un réel privilège.


 RACHEL DEJAEGER (28 ans) vient d'être embauchée dans une nouvelle agence à Bruxelles, une start-up montante… 


“Virtually Yours Inc”.


Adaptée au budget de chacun, VY-iNC propose aux gens des voyages virtuels personnalisés où ils peuvent croire qu'ils sont la personne qu'ils ont toujours rêvé d'être et d’échapper ainsi à leur réalité. 


Rachel fait rapidement connaissance avec MATHIS DUBOIS (45 ans) et Jane LAMBERT (40 ans), deux employés vétérans de V.Y. 

Elle devient rapidement - tout comme ses mentors - une marchande de rêves pour des clients crédules, grâce à l'algorithme privé de l'entreprise. 


Tout va bien jusqu'à ce qu’une des clientes de Jane, une infirmière, se suicide....





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The co-founder of VY Inc, Elise has a rich, achievement in helping young start ups thanks to her family's inheritance.


Elise’s other interest is to enhance people sense of well-being, especially during these trying "post-covid" times.


It was during a meditation trip in New Dehli that she met Vikram Prashant, and – through his teachings – became connected with what she calls her “true self”.


It’s that spiritual awakening which Elise wishes to spread to the rest of the world, through their experiences at VY-iNC, a start-up that aims to change the world, one soul at a time.


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An ethno-biologist by training, Vikram was born in the US, but migrated to India as a young adult. There he studied under Guru Mayi, a respected teacher in meditation – and quickly excelled. Soon promoted to the honorable title of Guru himself, Vikram met Elisa Delarue when she attended one of his seminars in metaphysical introspection. 


Soon thereafter, their mentor/student relationship blossomed to partnership. Having together explored synergistic aspects of human spirituality and AI, Prashant agreed to return to Brussels with Elise to found VY Inc, and more.


In order to spread the message of enlightenment both digitally and physically, Vikram is available for one-on-one mediation sessions at his private studio.


+32 (0)2 45 DREAMS


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co-written & directed by DAN THORENS  

the AGENCY & its 2 FOUNDERS