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A JOINT - Belgium - French - US production

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Erik, a gamer, working in finance in Brussels, travels to an orphanage in Haiti on what he thinks is a charity mission for his company.

At the end of his trip, a violent encounter with Haitian gangsters sets off a series of events that threaten to uproot the foundations of his comfortable European existence.

Back in Brussels, Erik's confronted by a band of activists who accuse his company of organ trafficking and try to recruit Erik to their cause. He reluctantly joins them.


He therefore comes to grips with his basic cowardice realizing he can make a difference by saving the lives of two of the children he connected with while in Haiti, through their mutual passion for gaming.

Reality - Article LINK

GENEVA – "At least 15 children have disappeared from Haiti’s hospitals since the Jan. 12 earthquake that devastated the Caribbean nation, the United Nations Children’s Fund said Friday."


One Human Organ
Sold Illegally
Every Single Hour
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